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Books in our Sheet Music Library? YES (290)

Books in our Sheet Music Library? YES (290) Please, visit our “Rare & curious Piano & Music Books” section.

Did you know that, in our Sheet Music Library, we also keep a bunch of very interesting books, including some auto- and biographies? It also holds some really rare and hard-to-find old books.

For example:

Miles Davis – The Autobiography

books miles davis sheet music pdf


Oscar Peterson’s biography

books sheet music

and also:

Woody Allen – Apropos of Nothing

sheet music partitura

and, of course, Lang Langs books:

Journey of a Thousand Miles

free sheet music & pdf scores download

and: Playing with Flying Keys

free sheet music & pdf scores download

And many more. Just search the word “biography” in the mentioned section.

Keith Jarrett – The Art of Improvisation COMPLETE (full documentary* including the extra interviews)

Film & TV Music

Ennio Morricone “The Legend” His best Music

Ennio Morricone “The Legend” Download his complete sheet music from our Library.


1 The Sicilian Clan (From “The Sicilian Clan”) 00:0003:56 2 Cinema paradiso (From “Cinema paradiso”) 03:5806:23 3 La califfa (From “The Lady Caliph”) 06:2509:01 4 Romanzo (From “1900”) 09:0313:08

5 Estasi (From “The Mercenary”) 13:1015:12 6 Love Theme for Nata (From “Cinema paradiso”) 15:1419:22 7 L’arena (From “The Mercenary”) 19:2424:06 8 Romanza quartiere (From “Quartiere”) 24:0827:46 9 Un amico (From “Revolver”) 27:4830:23

10 Ninna nanna per adulteri (From “Cuore di mamma”) 30:2533:27 11 The Trio (From “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”) 33:2940:41 12 Il pinguino (From “Vamos a matar, compañeros”) 40:4343:40 13 Come Maddalena (From “Maddalena”) 43:4252:52 14 The Strong (From “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”) 52:5455:16 15 My Fault? (From “My Name is Nobody”) 55:1801:00:06

16 La messicana (From “Vamos a matar, compañeros”) 01:00:0901:02:46 17 Face to Face – Interlude (From “Face to Face”) 01:02:4801:05:28 18 Minacciosamente lontano (From “The Hellbenders”) 01:05:3001:08:14 19 Il segreto (From “Il segreto”) 01:08:1501:10:56 20 The Sundown (From “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”) 01:10:5801:12:10 21 Childhood and Manhood (From “Cinema paradiso”) 01:12:1201:14:25 22 Tema di Ada (From “Novecento – 1900”) 01:14:2701:19:16 23 Barbablu’… Romantico (From “Barbablu'”) 01:19:1801:22:48 24 La cena (From “La califfa”) 01:22:5001:25:31

25 Abolisson (From “Queimada”) 01:25:3301:30:38 26 Notte di giorno (From “Una lucertola con la pelle di donna”) 01:30:4001:35:25 27 Mosca addio (From “Mosca addio”) 01:35:2701:40:17 28 In ogni casa una storia (From “Quartiere”) 01:40: 19 – 01:43:55 29 Amore come dolore (From “Le foto proibite di una signora per bene”) 01:43:5701:50:05 30 Irene (From “The Untouchables”) 01:50:0701:53:43

31 Il colore dei suoi occhi (From “La disubbidienza”) 01:53:4501:58:14 32 Via Mala: Silvie momento d’amore (From “Via Mala”) 01:58:1602:01:44 33 Love Scene 1 (From “Increase and Multiply”) 02:01:4602:07:38 34 Una fotografia (From “L’alibi”) 02:07:4002:10:12 35 Canzone senza parole (From “Farewell Moscow) 02:10:1502:13:06

36 La Banchiera (From “The Lady Banker”) 02:13:07 – 02:16:04 37 Falsa tranquillità (From “La monaca di Monza”) 02:16:06 – 02:19:12 38 Lei una voce (From “The Law of the Desert) 02:09:14

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