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The Sheet Music Library (PDF) is a not-for-profit, subscription library working toward the goal of building an open collection of digitized sheet music, gathered now within this membership online library, that now contains ca. 10,000 piano & guitar sheet music books and scores (>122.000 pages) for piano and guitar (TAB also), as well as piano/guitar-vocal sheet music, and even the best trumpet and sax scores and methods, easy to download and print.

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The Sheet Music Library (PDF) is an international project for educational purposes.

Our online Library is not just about scores and sheet music; it’s about Culture and sharing love for Music on a worldwide level.

” For the first time in history, all the significant literary, artistic, and scientific works of mankind can be digitally preserved and made freely available, in every corner of the world, for our education, study, and appreciation and that of all our future generations. (…)”

“Digital technology can make the works of man permanently accessible to the billions of people all over the world. Andrew Carnegie and other great philanthropists in past centuries have recognized the great potential of public libraries to improve the quality of life and provide opportunity to the citizenry. A universal digital library, widely available through free access on the Internet, will improve the global society in ways beyond measurement.”

(This quote’s ref. at The Universal Digital Library)

Love for Music is our motivation.

The aim of this website is to provide beautiful and motivating sheet music, as well as tools and methods, for the piano and guitar players, and also music amateurs of all levels and ages, so everybody can feel the joy of playing music and also reading the scores while listening to the performances of other pianists and artists. Reading musical scores and listening to music are equally important as technique and music theory.

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What’s the content of the Sheet Music Library?

The Library mainly contents authors anthologies, collections and songbooks. So, please, search preferably by the author’s name. Please, subscribe to download the complete scores.

Total Records Found in the Library: 11890, showing 120 per page
Artist or Composer / Score nameCoverList of Contents
Zelda – Saria
Zelda – The Light World
Zelda – The Lost Woods
Zelda – The Triforce
Zelda -The Legend Of Zelda (Main Theme)by Koji Kondo Zelda -The Legend Of Zelda (Main Theme)by Koji Kondo
Zelda Medley Piano Solo arr. sheet music score download partitura partition spartiti
Zombies Songbook Music From The Disney Channel Original Movie free sheet music partitura partition noten Zombies Songbook Music From The Disney Channel Original Movie
Zubin Mehta – La partitura della mia vita (Biografia) Italiano sheet music score download partitura partition spartiti 楽譜 망할 음악 ноты
ZZ Top Greatest Hits free scores ZZ Top Greatest Hits
ZZ Top Volume 1 Guitar Vocal CLASSIC Authentic Guitar-Tab Edition includes complete Solos sheet music download ZZ Top Volume 1 Guitar Vocal CLASSIC Authentic Guitar-Tab Edition includes complete Solos (Hamstein Music)

Our online Sheet Music Library (PDF) includes a wide selection of universal music of all time and all genres in PDF format. These scores have then been digitized by experts, volunteers and enthusiasts and shared with the public via the internet, with the hope of contributing to expand the universal musical language and the love of Music all over the world.

It contains classical and popular scores, but also a huge collection of Jazz sheet music and fake books, jazz theory and harmony books, piano and guitar method books, music and piano learning books, and a great amount of American universal standards and modern music as well, Rock, POP, contemporary music, movie music, musicals scores, etc. Attached to the educational, theory and practice books you will also find the corresponding audio (MP3) files.

By joining and subscribing the Sheet Music Library (more info here), you help to share this project, thus promoting to universally share the Music Culture. The link to have full access to the complete Library will show up in your email shortly after you make the registration and the associated payment (USD 15.99). It may take some minutes. Remember to check your spam folder as well.

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This project has been possible thanks to the friendly cooperation of the AEC Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

We are also grateful for the kind support of the Open Library!

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And proudly supporting the mission and upholding the values of LIBER.

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