Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Pletnev

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Beethoven Piano Concerto No 4 in G Pletnev

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Mikhail Pletnev bio

Born April 14, 1957 in Arkhangelsk in a family of professional musicians. Father – Pletnev Vasily Pavlovich, accordion player, graduated from the Institute Gnesin. Mother – Olga Pletnev, pianist.

Shortly after the birth of MikhailPletnev‘s family moved to Saratov. Father became a teacher of the conservatory, mother – concertmaster of the Conservatory. A year later, in connection with problems with housing, the family moved to Kazan. Musical inclinations Misha Pletnev appeared very early. In the next three years, a musician seated in front of favorite stuffed animals, painted and cut paper musical instruments and distributed them to their пЇп?п?я€я?я?п°п?, and then began to conduct. This was the first orchestra Pletnev. At 7 years, Michael entered a special music school for ten years of the Kazan Conservatory in piano teacher to KA Shashkin. In 13 years he was transferred to the Central Music School at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class E. Timakin.

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In learning, he was indefatigable and active, had its own approach to the studied material, different independent judgments and thoughts that could defend his point of view. A gifted teenager trying to make the fullest use of school. At age 16, Mikhail Pletnev received the Grand Prix at the International Youth Competition in Paris (1973). In 1974, he entered the Moscow Conservatory in the class of Professor I. Flier, a prominent pianist and teacher. Professor then picked up a very difficult student, a very hard nut to the uncompromising nature of. Once Flier mentioned that at one session with this young man, he spends as much strength and nerves, but on his two solo concerts …

Success does not take long to. In 1977, M. Pletnev awarded the first prize at the V All-Union Piano Competition in Leningrad in 1978, winning a gold medal and first prize at the VI International Piano Competition PI. Tchaikovsky in Moscow. Member of the jury, a great American pianist and teacher, SW. Leaf said: “We Pletnev strong musical intelligence, a broad outlook. But this does not mean that he is one reason. He has that balance of heart and mind, which is so necessary in a musician “.

“I am extremely grateful – said after the competition M. Pletnev – that she gave me 3,5 years of study and close communication with Yakov (Flier died Dec. 18, 1977). Shortly after the death of Y. Flier, M. Pletnev comes to class under the leadership of L. Vlasenko (at the time the student Flier), laureate of the Tchaikovsky. By the way, the entire program for the Tchaikovsky Competition, I had time to prepare, under his leadership and in this important competition, as it were on its behalf “. Triumph of the competition marked the beginning of world fame, Mikhail Pletnev.

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In 1979, Pletnev graduated with honors from the Conservatory, in 1981 – postgraduate studies with L. Vlasenko and became an assistant in his class. After some time, Mikhail Pletnev there is a piano class at the Moscow Conservatory. Since 1981, he was a soloist Gosconcert, constantly expanding its repertoire, which included the works of different eras and styles.

In the vast performing luggage Pletnev, pianist, is a work of Bach and Beethoven, Scriabin and Shostakovich, all the legacy of the piano by Tchaikovsky, the recently discovered seven fugues of Grieg (World Premiere!) And Schumann’s Symphonic Études. In its asset – the product of the major forms of Haydn, Mozart, Chopin’s “Danse Macabre” – a paraphrase of Dies Irac for piano and orchestra by Liszt, Piano Concerto by Grieg, Liszt, Rachmaninoff. Particularly noteworthy Pletnevskie interpretation, his transcription for piano works by Tchaikovsky.

Pletnev appears on the stage not only as a soloist, but also as an ensemble player in partnership with clarinettist Michael Collins, as part of a quintet of soloists Rossiyskogo National Orchestra. Thank virtuoso pianist firmly entrenched for Mikhail Pletnev with most of his first speeches. It is compared to Horowitz, Mekelandzheli. “The main thing for Pletnev – idea, thought – believes the music critic of F. Fahmy, – to think for him – so do. Strongly constructive logic, this pianist subordinates all. And even his brilliant technique as it fades into the background … “interpretations performed Pletnev works to conquer his emotional depth and spirituality, a bright personality and perfection.

Passionate temperament Pletnev is behind some external asceticism, but it is deep psychology, characteristic of his game, able to keep the audience in breathless attention. He has been a constant success on tour in Russia and abroad.

Pletnev, pianist, played with remarkable conductors, such as Abbado, . Ashkenazi, . Barshay, . Blomsted, . Gatti, . Gergiev, . Giulini, . Inoue, . Maazel, . Nagano, . Pesek, . Slatkin, . Telemann, . Fedoseev, . Haitink, . Shiloh, . Jarvi etc., . with world-class ensembles: Berlin, . Munich, . Israel, . London, . Czech, . Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, . French National Orchestra, . Berlin Symphony Orchestra, . Bayreuth Symphony Orchestra, . Copenhagen Festival Orchestra, . Symphony Orchestra of San Francisco, . Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, . Symphony Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, . Chamber Orchestra of Europe,

In May 1995, Pletnev made in Berlin with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra under K. Sanderling in a concert to mark the 50 th anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

M. Pletnev gives regular recitals throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S.. He knows music lovers in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Copenhagen, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Milan, Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne, etc..

At take-off career, pianist Pletnev made his debut as a conductor (1980), and then served as guest conductor with many leading orchestras in the country. In 1990, the dream come true musician – to create an independent symphony orchestra. Music and the credibility of the human M. Pletnev brought his orchestra to numerous talented performers, instrumentalists.

Since its founding Rossiyskogo National Orchestra (RNO), and until 1999, Pletnev is the artistic director, chief conductor and president of the foundation RNO. Exactly one year after the establishment of the orchestra was made in the Vatican, the residence of John Paul II. In subsequent years, the famous band toured in the U.S., . Japan, . Southeast Asia, . performed in major music centers of Europe, . at music festivals in Rome, . Belgrade, . Berlin, . Vienna, . London, . Amsterdam, . Geneva, . Madrid, . Sicily, . in concert halls in smaller cities,

The orchestra gave many concerts at home: in Moscow, . St.Petersburg, . Samara, . Togliatti and other cities along the Volga, . Voronezh, . Vologda, . participated in the festivals of Tchaikovsky in Izhevsk and Klin, . Rachmaninov festivals in Nizhny Novgorod, Tambov and, . Festival, . dedicated to the 60 th anniversary of Alfred Schnittke, . etc.,

The chamber orchestra participated in the “December Evenings” at the Museum of Fine Arts A.S. Pushkin. His orchestra Pletnev brought into the category of the best symphonic ensembles of the world. In the program the orchestra are the masterpieces of domestic and foreign music: works by Tchaikovsky, . Rachmaninoff, . Rimsky-Korsakov, . Stravinsky, . Shostakovich, . Haydn, . Bruckner, . Beethoven, . Mussorgsky, . Liadov, . Ravel, . Scriabin, . Taneyev, . Lyapunov, . Weber, . Konyusa, . Delibes, . Prokofiev, . Mozart, . Rossini, . Brahms, . Strauss, . Schnittke, . Shchedrin, . Gubaidulina, . Artyomova …

The Russia National Orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev in a short time received widespread international recognition and is listed in the top ten best orchestras in the world.

This is the only symphony orchestra in Russia, who was invited to write on the known Western-European company “Deutsche Grammophon”.

Russia National Orchestra opened the front Pletnev, conductor of the truly limitless possibilities, allowed to blossom in full force to the conductor’s talent. In October 1993, MikhailPletnev, conductor London Symphony Orchestra, replacing the last minute sick M. Rostropovich. Almost immediately, a second concert was organized with the orchestra, where Pletnev acted as a conductor and performer at the same time.

In May 1994, in Berlin at the celebration for the withdrawal of Allied troops from Germany, Pletnev enthusiastically conducted the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Pletnev invited to conduct many orchestras of the world. Among them: LA’s, . London, . Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, . National Symphony Orchestra of Turkey, . Radio Orchestra of Northern Germany, . Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Scottish Chamber Orchestra, . Birmingham Symphony and the Budapest Festival Orchestra, . Stockholm Radio Symphony Orchestra, etc.

Bright creative nature Mikhail Pletnev harmoniously manifested in his composing activities. He – the author of Triptych for Symphony Orchestra, the Piano Quintet, Fantasy on Kazakh themes for violin and orchestra, transcriptions of fragments of the ballet “Anna Karenina” by Rodion Shchedrin. “Prologue” and “jumps” from this ballet, he has included in the program contest named PI. Tchaikovsky and successfully performed in concerts. Pletnev pereorkestroval I and II of the piano concertos by Chopin, created a Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra, made a piano transcription suite from the ballet “The Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty”.

In 1997, he wrote a classical symphony in 4 parts, in 1998 – Viola Concerto with the dedication SW. Bashmet. Premiere of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in a transcription for clarinet, Pletnev made specifically for M. Collins (UK), held in 1999. Traditional Christmas speech Rossiyskogo National Orchestra in the Tchaikovsky Hall in 1995 resulted in a performance-concert – a musical-choreographic extravaganza “The Nutcracker”. Mikhail Pletnev again surprised the music world, creating an entirely new genre of representation. Interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s ballet

The idea occurred to him in Votkinsk, the birthplace of the great composer. Production extravaganza performed in choreography S. Golovkina – Director of the Moscow Academic Choreography School. The orchestra and conductor M. Pletnev – magical Drosselmeyer – housed in the back of the stage and danced in front of them young ballet students with. Golovkina framed children’s choir “Vesna” (Head On. Ponomarev), and a magician with words. Belza acquainted the audience with excerpts of works of Hoffmann, Dumas, and M. Petipa.

Normally unflappable, Pletnev felt magician, plunging the room into the air fantastically beautiful musical fairy tale. Another student days, M. Pletnev recorded his first LP, released by Melodiya. This is carried out in studio recording of his competition performances.

Since then, many speeches’ pianist in various countries recorded the largest television and radio stations, released his cassettes and CDs. Piano album with recordings of Scarlatti (EMI – Virgin Classics, 1996), according to Music Magazine “Gramophone”, “this is the most beautiful game, which only can be. One execution of Scarlatti would have been enough to secure Pletnev a place among the greatest pianists of all time “.

His recording of works by Tchaikovsky, among which Pletnev‘s piano transcriptions of suite from the ballet “The Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty”, included in the anthology Philips Classics “Great Pianists of the XX century”. CD “Homage to Rachmaninov” is written M. Pletnev, in 1998, near Lucerne, in the home of the composer, pianist, played the piano Rachmaninoff – a magnificent Steinway, which were sealed in a documentary film T. Palmer, Sergei Rachmaninov – Memories “(NVC Arts).

Since 1993, Pletnev cooperates with the firm Deutsche Grammophon; compact discs with recordings of the pianist have earned the highest evaluations of criticism. Recorded on the disc: piano concertos by Mozart and Haydn, Konzertstuck for piano and orchestra Weber, keyboard sonatas K.F.E. Bach, Grieg’s works, including seven fugues, “Rondo Capriccioso, Mendelssohn,” Runaround Dwarfs “Liszt’s” Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini “and” Variations on a Theme by Corelli, Rachmaninoff, disc of Chopin’s compositions called “the best record in 1997 “.

In the same years on CD-ROM company Deutsche Grammophon Rossiyskim National Orchestra conducted by M. Pletnev recorded: Six Symphonies, . “Italian Capriccio”, . “Manfred”, . overture-fantasy “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet”, . fantasy “Storm” and “Francesca da Rimini”, . “Solemn Overture 1812” by Tchaikovsky, . Three Symphonies “Utes”, . “Symphonic Dances”, . poem “The Bells”, . “Slavonic Dances Dvorak, . Third Symphony, . “Poem of Ecstasy” and “Prometheus” Scriabin, . cantata “St. John of Damascus’ Taneyev, . Overture from the opera “Freelancer” and “Oberon” Weber, . symphony, “Baba Yaga”, . “Magic Lake”, . “Kikimora” Liadov, . Beethoven’s Violin Concerto arranged for clarinet M, Pletnev (soloist M. Collins), concerts Glazunov, Myaskovsky, Prokofiev, Kabalevsky, and much more

At the peak of fame and success of Mikhail Pletnev decided at the beginning of the 1999/2000 season to resign from the Artistic Director, . Chief Conductor and President of the Rossiyskogo National Orchestra, . claiming such a serious step to, . that the execution of administrative functions creates a certain lack of time, . and so, . that he wanted to concentrate fully on their creative work – the composer, . pianist, . conductor.

The team set up for him the title – “Honorary Conductor Rossiyskogo National Orchestra.

For great service to Russia’s musical culture Pletnev – one of the most brilliant artists of our time – was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland “IV degree (1997), . awarded the title: People’s Artist of Russia (1989), . Laureate of State Prizes (1982, . 1993), . Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol (1978), . Honored Artist of Udmurtia (1979), . M. Pletnev – Laureate Award (1996) – “Best Pianist of the Year” (a kind of musical “Oscar”).

Currently, Mikhail Pletnev continues his concert activity. His performances are always of great interest and are held with great success, and the tour is not painted one year ahead. Mikhail Pletnev – a brilliant creative person, and most importantly, he – Musician with a capital letter.

Mikhail Pletnev has no rivals for the extraordinary creative versatility. He is interested in many things: philosophy, theater, reading newspapers, enjoys jazz, indifferent to soccer and tennis, is well versed in the technique. Speaks English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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