FAQs about the Sheet Music Library (PDF):

How much is the cost to be a full member of the Sheet Music Library?

The membership fee is just US$15.99 (approx. €12,50), a one-time payment. Then, you can indefinitely download all the scores and files of our Library for free, and all the new ones that we'll be adding in the future as well.

This small payment has to be done every month, per year, or ...?

This is a one-time payment, and it will last forever. Also, new scores will be added frequently to the Library.

How can the Sheet Music Library offer so much scores for so little money?

It is a not-for-profit organization, working with volunteers and most of its contents are donations from sponsors, public libraries, music teachers and amateurs, music schools, etc. We also buy some special scores (old or special music books, Play Along series, etc.).

What happens after subscribing and making the payment?

Within some minutes, or up to an hour, you will receive an email with the link to get full access and download all the Library contents. (Please, check your spam folder if you cannot find it).

How is the payment processed?

It is made via PayPal, or you can also pay with a credit card through Stripe; both are safe and trusted payment gateways. In any case, the Sheet Music Library does not keep any personal data, except your email address for further communications.

Please, subscribe here in a minute.

How can I browse and search in the Sheet Music Library?

The easiest way is to use the search box in the Library Catalog page, or to browse by categories.

Can I contact the Sheet Music Library Team for help or any doubt, or maybe a special request?

Absolutely, at any time! If you have doubt, please, email us to sheetmusiclibrarypdf@gmail.com, or through our contact page.

If I just want a single sheet music, or a specific scorebook, is it possible to get it, without subscribing?

Yes, now it's possible! Please, go to this page and order the sheet music (or the scorebook) you want.

Do you regularly publish Posts about Music?

Sure! The Sheet Music Library publish new Posts with articles and music videos hardly every day. In this page, you may check the last published posts, and you can subscribe to our Newsletter, as well. Thanks for your interest!

Will you add more scores in the future?

For sure! About every three months, great NEW sheet music is uploaded to our Library. You can regularly check it out here.

If it is a not-for-profit project, then why we have to pay a fee, even a small one?

The Sheet Music Library has to pay some costs, as the web maintenance, the storage servers, the hosting, the digital scanning and some other basic charges.

How can I cooperate with the Sheet Music Library (PDF)?

If you love Music, please, donate to help this site being up and running.

If you want to share your sheet music, please, email us.
Many thanks indeed!

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