Bill Evans – We Will Meet Again (Sheet Music)

Bill Evans – We Will Meet Again (Sheet Music)

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We will Mett Again – The Album

We Will Meet Again is an album by jazz pianist Bill Evans made for Warner Bros. Records in 1979. It is notable in that it is Evans’s last studio recording.

After the suicide of Bill Evans’ older brother, Harry, earlier in 1979, Bill made this album with his brother in mind, “We Will Meet Again” is addressed to Harry.

Just after Harry’s suicide, Bill Evans started a relationship with a Canadian waitress called Laurie Verchomin, the track “Laurie” is named after her. Laurie eventually took care of Bill Evans until his death, she was the last person he saw before he died.


Credits adapted from AllMusic.


  • Helen Keane – producer
  • Frank Laico – engineer, mixing
  • Aram Gesar – photography
  • Stew Romaine – mastering
  • Chris Callis – photography
  • Lee Herschberg – digital mastering (reissue)

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