Yuna’s Ballad ユウナのバラード Final Fantasy X-2

Yuna’s Ballad ユウナのバラード from Final Fantasy X-2 ファイナルファンタジー OST Piano collections with sheet music

“Yuna’s Ballad” from Final Fantasy X-2

“Yuna’s Ballad” is a theme associated with Yuna in Final Fantasy X-2. Unlike Yuna’s character theme, “Yuna’s Ballad” is an emotional and sorrowful leitmotif, most notably played during YRP’s fight against Bahamut in the Bevelle Underground and moments where Yuna thinks about Tidus. It also plays during Gug‘s fiend tale ending.

A vocal version called, “Kimi e” (君へ。, To you?), sung by Yuna’s Japanese voice actress, Mayuko Aoki, was included on the Final Fantasy X-2: Vocal Collection – Yuna album. It also appears on the Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Original Soundtrack, and plays during Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission‘s closing scenes.

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