Grieg: Piano Works Vol.1

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00:00:00 Book I Op.12: Arietta 00:01:30 Book I Op.12: Waltz 00:02:59 Book I Op.12: Watchman’s Song 00:05:46 Book I Op.12: Fairy Dance 00:06:39 Book I Op.12: Folk Melody 00:08:02 Book I Op.12: Norwegian Melody 00:08:57 Book I Op.12: Albumleaf 00:10:17 Book I Op.12: National Song 00:11:38 Book II Op.38: Berceuse 00:13:53 Book II Op.38: Folk Melody 00:15:18 Book II Op.38: Melody

00:16:18 Book II Op.38: Norwegian Dance 00:17:43 Book II Op.38: Spring Dance 00:19:07 Book II Op.38: Elegy 00:21:11 Book II Op.38: Waltz 00:22:09 Book II Op.38: Canon 00:26:10 Book III Op.43: Butterfly 00:27:45 Book III Op.43: Solitary Traveller 00:29:24 Book III Op.43: In My Native Country 00:31:10 Book III Op.43: Little Bird

00:33:03 Book III Op.43: Erotikon 00:35:20 Book III Op.43: To Spring 00:37:48 Book IV Op.47: Valse-Impromptu 00:40:28 Book IV Op.47: Album Leaf 00:43:59 Book IV Op.47: Melody 00:47:14 Book IV Op.47: Norwegian Dance 00:48:30 Book IV Op.47: Melancholy 00:51:23 Book IV Op.47: Spring Dance 00:52:41 Book V Op.54: Shepherd Boy

00:55:38 Book V Op.54: Norwegian March 00:59:33 Book V Op.54: March of the Dwarfs 01:03:00 Book V Op.54: Notturno 01:05:52 Book V Op.54: Scherzo 01:08:54 Book V Op.54: Bell-ringing 01:12:16 Book VI Op.57: Vanished Days 01:15:42 Book VI Op.57: Gade 01:20:26 Book VI Op.57: Illusion 01:24:19 Book VI Op.57: Secret 01:31:04 Book VI Op.57: She Dances 01:34:07 Book VI Op.57: Homesickness

01:37:12 Book VII Op.62: Sylph 01:38:43 Book VII Op.62: Gratitude 01:42:47 Book VII Op.62: French Serenade 01:45:03 Book VII Op.62: Little Brook 01:46:51 Book VII Op.62: Phantom 01:49:23 Book VII Op.62: Homeward 01:52:11 Book VIII Op.65: From Early Years 01:56:51 Book VIII Op.65: Peasant’s Song 01:58:24 Book VIII Op.65: Melancholy 02:01:52 Book VIII Op.65: Salon 02:04:09 Book VIII Op.65: Ballad 02:06:53 Book VIII Op.65: Wedding Day at Troldhaugen

02:13:10 Book IX Op.68: Sailor’s Song 02:15:06 Book IX Op.68: Grandmother’s Minuet 02:17:12 Book IX Op.68: At Your Feet 02:20:17 Book IX Op.68: Evening in the Mountains 02:22:51 Book IX Op.68: At the Cradle 02:25:14 Book IX Op.68: Valse mélancolique 02:29:08 Book X Op.71: Once Upon a Time 02:33:01 Book X Op.71: Summer’s Eve 02:35:23 Book X Op.71: Puck 02:37:10 Book X Op.71: Peace of the Woods 02:42:43 Book X Op.71: Norwegian Dance

02:45:30 Book X Op.71: Gone 02:47:26 Book X Op.71: Remembrances 02:49:18 Piano Sontana In E Minor Op.7: I. Allegro moderato 02:53:33 Piano Sontana In E Minor Op.7: II. Andante molto 02:57:25 Piano Sontana In E Minor Op.7: III. Alla Menuetto, ma poco più lento 03:00:22 Piano Sontana In E Minor Op.7: IV. Finale: Molto allegro 03:07:41 Scenes From Folk Life Op.19: In the Mountains 03:12:49 Scenes From Folk Life Op.19: Bridal Procession

03:16:29 Scenes From Folk Life Op.19: Carnival Scene 03:23:21 Scenes From Folk Life Op.19: Ballade in G Minor Op.24 03:41:47 Suite ‘From Holberg’s Time’: I. Praeludium 03:44:24 Suite ‘From Holberg’s Time’: II. Sarabande 03:47:51 Suite ‘From Holberg’s Time’: III. Gavotte 03:50:57 Suite ‘From Holberg’s Time’: IV. Air 03:57:59 Suite ‘From Holberg’s Time’: V. Rigaudon

Edvard Hagerup Grieg (15 June 1843 – 4 September 1907) was a Norwegian composer and pianist. He is widely considered one of the leading Romantic era composers, and his music is part of the standard classical repertoire worldwide. His use and development of Norwegian folk music in his own compositions brought the music of Norway to international consciousness, as well as helping to develop a national identity, much as Jean Sibelius did in Finland and Bedřich Smetana did in Bohemia.

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Grieg is the most celebrated person from the city of Bergen, with numerous statues depicting his image, and many cultural entities named after him: the city’s largest concert building (Grieg Hall), its most advanced music school (Grieg Academy) and its professional choir (Edvard Grieg Kor). The Edvard Grieg Museum at Grieg’s former home, Troldhaugen, is dedicated to his legacy.

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