Led Zeppelin (easy guitar) with chords and TABS explained

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Led Zeppelin (easy guitar) with chords and TABS explained (sheet music)

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Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin was born in the wake left by The Yardbirds, the legendary group led by Eric Clapton. In the last years of the Yardbirds, guitarist Jimmy Page appeared, who had previously collaborated in bands of the stature of the Rolling Stones, The Who, Them, etc.

When The Yardbirds broke up in 1967, Jimmy Page founded with bassist Chris Dreja what was initially called The New Yardbirds. The fact of being called that is because Jimmy and Chris are legally obliged to cover the concerts that the Yardbirds had contracted before the separation.

On the advice of Terry Reid, Page listens to an audition by a young singer named Robert Plant. Immediately, Plant is accepted into the band. At that time, Dreja leaves the group and is replaced by John Paul Jones as bassist. The position of the drums would be occupied, after several attempts, by John Bonham.

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven LIVE

After some concerts, Led Zeppelin recorded in October 1968 what would be their first album, in just 30 hours of study. At the end of that same year, they signed a contract with the Atlantic Records label and began a tour of the United States.

In January 1969, Led Zeppelin’s first album was released, which soon became prominent in the sales charts with its heavy rock style. Between tour and tour, Led Zeppelin recorded their second album, entitled ‘II’, with which they rose to number one on the charts.

In October 1970, Led Zeppelin released their third album, entitled ‘III’. But the group’s definitive consecration will come on their fourth album, known as ‘IV’, from 1971. It is Led Zeppelin’s best-selling album and includes songs like ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Rock and Roll’ and ‘When the Levee Breaks’.

led zeppelin sheet music pdf

In 1973 Led Zeppelin released a new album, entitled ‘Houses of the Holy’. It is an album in which they mix reggae sounds with funk and with their own heavy style. This disc directly obtains the number one in the United States and in Great Britain.

In 1974 Led Zeppelin created their own record label, with which from then on they published their own works. The first work of this period is ‘Physical Graffiti’, from 1975, a double album that is considered by its fans as one of the best of the band. This album was followed by a world tour that was cut short in August 1975 by an accident involving Robert Plant.

In 1976, ‘Presence’ appears, a notable work by Led Zeppelin that, despite this, does not obtain the success of previous works.

In 1979, after a year off, Led Zeppelin released what would be their last studio album, entitled ‘In Through The Out Door’. Tragedy hits the group when in 1980 John Bonham is found dead at Jimmy Page’s house after a party. On December 4 of that same year, the rest of the members of Led Zeppelin made their dissolution public. In 1982, what could be called Led Zeppelin’s posthumous album appeared, entitled ‘Coda’, with some unreleased recordings by the group.

In 1988 the members of Led Zeppelin meet at a commemorative concert for the 25 years of Atlantic Records. This fact triggers the rumors of reappearance of the band, but these rumors never came to be substantiated.

In November 2007 the definitive compilation of Led Zeppelin is published. ‘Mothership’ is a double CD containing 24 songs personally selected by Page, Robert Plant and Jones and includes true rock anthems like ‘Stairway to heaven’ or ‘Kashmir’.

The album is completed with a DVD that includes 2 hours of live songs taken from the ‘Led Zeppelin’ DVD.

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