Watermark – ENYA (piano solo with sheet music)

Watermark – ENYA (piano solo with sheet music)

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ENYA free sheet music & scores pdf

Enya: the mysterious singer who has lived “confined” for years in a castle with 10 cats

Where is Enya? What happened to the angelic-voiced Irish woman who became a world celebrity in the 1990s with “celtic-new age” hits? Why did she disappear? Is she still active? Will she come back one day?

These questions have resonated with her followers for at least 10 years, when the singer chose to move away from public exposure, gold records and ceremonies.

It began to happen at the beginning of 2000, when after participating in the soundtrack of the movie The Lord of the Rings, she was nominated for an Oscar for May it be , one of her collaborations.

After the cinematographic phenomenon, little by little Enya began to disappear from the media, at the same time that her legend as”the most hermetic woman in the world” grew in the shadow of her enigmatic life.

His artistic beginnings date back to the band Clannad , which he formed in Ireland with uncles, brothers and cousins ​​in 1970. Over time, already in the eighties, his solo career took off at the hands of producer Nicky Ryan and his wife , Roma Ryan , who became their official lyricist.

With the Watermark , in 1988, he gained international recognition thanks to songs like Orinoco Flow and Miss Clare Remembers . Her proposal between new age, Celtic arrangements, pop, synthesizers and striking voice layers quickly found a massive audience,

Presumably, by 2016 Enya had accumulated more than 90 million records sold in the world, and a total of almost 100 million euros. That year, Forbes ranked her as the third-richest woman in Ireland.

With the turn of the millennium, Enya dedicated herself to life at home, but not just any home. In 1996, she acquired a castle in her native country, valued at almost 4 million euros. There, the singer lives in the company of a troop of 10 cats .

It is a Victorian-era residence located in Killiney , a town near Dublin, known as Manderley Castle . Originally, it was called “Victoria Castle” in honor of Queen Victoria herself. However, Enya preferred to call it by the name of the mansion in the novel, Rebecca.

There, she has perpetuated a confinement that has already been counted in years, and that was triggered by a traumatic experience in the nineties when an Italian fan stabbed himself with a photograph of Enya in the neck after being expelled from the singer’s parents’ bar. , in Gweedore.

enya free sheet music pdf

Since then, Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonái (real name of the artist) has stayed away from overexposure: she hardly gives interviews and her participation in social networks is nil, with sporadic posts that do not even come from her.

According to Yahoo, not even her neighbors know Enya’s routine, who is hardly seen and only interacts with her service personnel.

His tranquility was not even affected in 2011 when his song Only Time had a revival (return) after the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11. As a gesture of thanks, she later donated the royalties from the track to the New York Firefighters Widows and Orphans Association.

In 2015 he released his latest studio work after seven years of silence: Dark Sky Island , an album that was announced as his return to the industry but that was only a first step despite the international drag (Enya, to date, has sung in Gaelic, Irish, English, Latin, Spanish and Japanese).

Her followers, for the time being, will have to continue waiting for new songs while the enigmatic myth of the artist continues to grow. “I have never tried to create an enigma” , warned Enya in one of her recent interviews, replicated in part by Vanity Fair.

Asked for the reason behind the mystery that surrounds her, and true to her style, the Irish said: “It’s just that I’ve always been a very independent person .

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