Django Reinhardt -A Foggy Day – Nuages (Guitar solo) Sheet Music (Partition)

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    Django Reinhardt –A Foggy Day – Nuages (Guitar solo) Sheet Music (Partition)

    Django Reinhardt free downloadsheet music & scores

    Django Reinhardt (short biography)

    He was born on January 23, 1910, in Liverchies, Belgium, in the midst of a family artistic tour and in the bosom of a gypsy family.

    He is the son of Laurence Négros Reinhardt, dancer and singer, and Jean-Baptiste Eugène Weiss, violinist and guitarist.

    During his childhood he traveled through Belgium, France, Italy and North Africa playing guitar, banjo and violin.

    It was said of him that he was capable of interpreting any piece just by hearing it once. His first steps were next to his father playing the guitar at parties and weddings.

    In 1930 Django Reinhardt was a promising twenty-year-old guitarist. Two things crossed his path: American jazz and Stéphane Grappelli. Regarding the former, the music of America slowly filtered down to Europe. Django moved generously through the musical environments of the area, and it didn’t take long for him to run into her and capture her in his ears.

    The pioneering influence from overseas was strongly felt in Paris musical circles. Louis Armstrong and the Big Band brought a new sound of unusual rhythmic flight to a Europe with little jazz germination. For his part, the orphan and precocious violinist Grappelli would join paths with Django Reinhardt shortly after meeting him. In one of his two heads, or a little in both, the unusual idea of ​​uniting his instruments to form a single string group germinated. Although atypical, over time it would prove to be a good invention.

    His left hand was partially paralyzed from burns, and he only had two useful fingers, so he had to develop his own style of performance. He triumphed in Paris in the 1930s and 1940s.

    In 1934, he created the quintet of the Hot Club de France with violinist Stephane Grappelli, his brother Joseph, R. Chaput on guitar and L. Vola on bass. They recorded Nuages, a massive hit that all successful singers vied for the privilege of performing.

    In France, he had problems with the occupation forces after being invited to perform before Hitler. Deciding not to go to the appointment, Django had to seek refuge and twice requests it in neutral Switzerland. His demand was rejected on both occasions for the same reason: not being ‘neither black nor Jewish’.

    On January 31, 1946, in full celebration of the armistice, Reinhardt and Grappelli recorded their famous version of La Marseillesa to a swing rhythm at Abbey Road studios in London.

    His music connects with American jazz with melodies interpreted indistinctly by the violin or the guitar. With his Quintet, he recorded more than 200 albums and many others with Bill Coleman and Dicky Wells, among others. He toured the United States and was part of the Duke Ellington Orchestra. In 1946 the quintet met again for some recordings.

    Django Reinhardt died in Fontainebleau, France, on May 16, 1953, of a heart attack when he was beginning to experiment with electric amplifiers.

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