Jazz Masters: Bill Evans Trio in Helsinki (1970 Live Video)

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    Jazz Masters:

    Bill Evans Trio in Helsinki (1970 Live Video)

    Bill Evans and his trio played at Ilkka Kuusisto’s house in Lauttasaari, Helsinki (Finland).

    0:00 Interview 2:54 Emily 8:18 Interview 11:50 Alfie 16:58 Interview 21:09 Nardis

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    The Bill Evans Trio:

    Bill Evans, piano; Eddie Gomez, acoustic double bass; Marty Morell, drums.

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    Ilkka Kuusisto is a Finnish composer, and his two sons are famous violinists. Ilkka played some jazz on his spare time. His son Pekka Kuusisto is the first Finnish violinist who has won the Sibelius violin contest.

    Pekka has also played with, for example, finnish jazz trio Trio Töykeät, with Iiro Rantala playing the piano. Iiro is one of Finland’s greatest jazz pianists. And has a great sense of humour. His current trio has a guitar player and a beatbox. Yes, a beatbox! That’s crazy, but somehow it works. Yes, I was in heaven when I happened to turn on my TV last summer. I couldn’t believe that this video existed, or that Bill had even been to Finland!

    “Of course he travelled to Sweden many times, and that’s obvious, because we [the Finnish people] always lose to Sweden in some way. May it be ice hockey or sense of fashion. The best thing about this video might be the fact how happy Bill seems to be. He’s joking and smiling. With the performances, you can sense there’s a bit of tension in the air, but when the last piece, Nardis, ends, people start to clap and Bill cannot help smiling. That’s mega-awesome.

    Unfortunately, there are few seconds missing in that YouTube clip, but you get the idea. Before the 1970 footage, YLE showed a new Ilkka Kuusisto interview, where Ilkka told about Evans’ trio coming to visit his house. The grand piano was brand new, and Evans liked it. Bill gave Ilkka the At The Montreaux Jazz Festival vinyl [album] as a present. Ilkka also told that he liked Bill’s touch on the piano, and that Bill’s playing was always on a high level.

    In the audience there’s some Finnish jazz people, and I happen to know one of them! Jukka Haavisto is a vibrafonist, who’s in his late 70s now, but still playing actively. He told me about a year ago that he had seen Bill ‘live’, and mentioned that Bill’s head was always near the keys. That’s what he remembered best. I just didn’t know that he had seen Bill live here in Finland. I get to talk to Jukka soon, haven’t seen him in a while.

    When I first met Jukka, we talked about jazz in general, and I told him that Bill is absolutely my favorite pianist. Being old and wise, he answered casually and said: “Well, isn’t he everyone’s favorite?” That was great!”

    From “Raine” in Helsinki, Finland, December 2008.

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    Bill Evans – William John Evans

    (1929/08/16 – 1980/09/15)

    Bill Evans was born on August 16, 1929 in Plainfield, New Jersey.

    Bill Evans, the son of Harry and Mary Soroka, which marriage was stormy due to excessive alcohol consumption, gambling, and abuse from his father. He had a brother, Harry, two years older than him, with whom he would develop a very close relationship.

    Bill Evans studied at Southeastern Louisiana University. He went through the army from 1951 to 1954 and played with Jerry Wald in 1954-55. He studied at Mannes School of Music, New York, 1955-56.

    bill evans sheet music Jazz Masters: Bill Evans Trio bill evans sheet music

    Evans was one of the pioneers of post-bop rhythm and greatly influenced other geniuses such as Petrucciani and Laverne. He became one of the most important and influential pianists in modern jazz.

    Bill Evans influenced numerous pianists such as Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, and Herbie Hancock.

    Along with Miles Davis and other musicians, he redefined jazz in the late 1950s as a more intellectual and abstract genre. He was criticized for moving away from the African roots of the genre. One of his main contributions is the structuring of jazz trios in which the piano maintains a dialogue with the drums and the bass, where improvisation is maintained on common melodic lines.

    On November 26, 1979, Bill Evans had embarked on a European tour with his trio, which would take him to different European countries, including France, Germany and Spain; it would be the last.

    Bill Evans died in New York on September 15, 1980, from hemorrhage and liver failure caused by his addiction to heroin and cocaine.


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