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George Benson – Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You Piano solo arr. sheet music

George Benson (b. 1943)

You know George Benson more than you think.

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The name of George Benson is not for the general public, except that sometimes he filled that legendary space on TVE called Musical Minutes when the broadcast had to be filled. But we would be wrong if we skip an anniversary like today, because it is also important from here to claim a space for those who do have it in the field of musicians. Because there isn’t a single guitarist in the world who doesn’t recognize his contribution.

It was July 25 of the last normal summer we remember, that of 2019. George Benson had a full house at the Veranos de la Villa, in Madrid. On stage, someone more well known than most people realize. It was the last concert in Spain for a man who turns 79 just today, and is scheduled to tour Barcelona on July 13, and later Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. So that later they say about the Stones.

Yes, Benson packs where he goes, even if it’s not always stadiums. Because not everyone knows, for example, that one of the songs that sounded the most throughout 1987 and 1988 is his authorship.

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Of course, the reader will know her from the version of the Hawaiian boy who looks like he never broke a plate named Glenn Medeiros . The boy triumphed, singing in Spanish with that exotic accent that he liked so much in those years.

It is also likely that most of the people who have heard it do not know that this beautiful song by the diva Whitney Houston is also authored by him.

In the video of this topic, we can find some clues to know who we are talking about. From the beginning, we observe him with a ukulele when he was just a seven-year-old boy. Exact. He was too young to be able to play a guitar.

72 years ago, this man learned music by joining his hands to those of that instrument that has become so much in fashion lately. Publishing his first album at 10 years of age, after two years of touring since he was 8, already says a lot about his talent. In total, he has more than seventy years of concerts. And add, and continue.

By the way, very dignified when he closes the eternal conflict between being commercial and genuine with one sentence: «I play what people want to hear, I don’t experiment with my audience» . The ego leaves it at home.

The song that popularized Whitney’s voice also tells us about the artist’s roots, which are based on a deep spirituality.

… because the greatest love of all is happening to me

I have found the greatest love of all, within me.

I believe that children are our future.

Let us teach them well and be their guide along the way.

Let’s show them all the beauties they have inside.

Let them be proud.

And that the laughter of children reminds us of how we were…

The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

Spiritual, yes, but despite being a convinced Jehovah’s Witness, no one can say that his songs are religious. Quite the contrary, we can find insinuating moments in suggestive compositions like Give me the night ( Give me the night ). Another one of those issues that people recognize, but can not finish locating.

              george benson 644x362 1

              Produced by Quincy Jones , the same musical ace who made Michael Jackson ‘s greatest hits possible , this song continues to mark the moment when no one can sit down at his concerts. Some shows that normally begin by paying homage to their true jazz roots, which knew how to find pop success in songs as popular as the central theme of a 1979 film that won four Oscars and may be remembered by some. It was called in Spanish (watch out for translations) The show begins , but its original version was titled All that jazz . There goes On Broadway , an ode to the avenue at the center of the Universe of entertainment . It is very difficult to resist at this rate.

              In this and other films, the passions of hundreds of people crash against the corporate world in a bonfire of vanities and talents that was later also drawn in consumer products such as Fame and other derivatives.

              One of the unique abilities of this singular being is being able to phrase with his mouth every movement he makes with his guitar. In 2014 he was still doing it without much effort:

              An instrument the string that, by the way, has made with it History of music. But not in the style of Gerundina , that of Raimundo Amador , or Lucille , that of BB King . We are talking about a man who has been offering insider information to manufacturers like Ibáñez for six decades. If you have almost three thousand euros, you can have one that bears his name , and in the cheapest online store. The ability to get the best sounds out of it is not included.

              At this point, the reader will guess that I feel true devotion to this artist, who always provokes surprised looks when they ask me about my favorite artist, expecting answers like Beatles , Elton , Queen , etc. It’s him, folks.

              The man I recommend and even ask that we make room for him in the midst of so much senseless rhythm, to remember the importance of quality music with warmth. And there is no lack of all that, nor the humility to make others’ songs his own. It is demonstrated in what is, for some Benson experts, his most beautiful contribution and one of the most beautiful that have been composed to describe love without victimhood, without drama.

              With the natural joy of someone who has discovered who to walk hand in hand with. Here, live and without playback, still in the 70s, his version of Love ballad From him:

              What a difference, when we walk hand in hand

              I feel so real…

              And what we have is so much more than you can see.

              His love life is very curious, which has remained absolutely faithful to Johnnie Lee , who has been his wife since 1965. However, there are rumors that speak of a breakup and even a new relationship in recent months. Nothing stops our artist, and it doesn’t matter at what age the miracle called love happens.

              What has been the secret of being able to continue playing and filling venues at 79 years of age? His eternal smile and his natural good nature, from which we can all learn. Because with the one that is falling, the best weapon is the one that comes from within.

              Allow me, ladies and gentlemen, to treat you to a front row seat at a very lively concert given by our birthday boy at the pinnacle of all jazz: the Montreux Festival. If we’re not “very jazzy”, this maestro can build the bridge for us from the most melodic pop, but not slower for that. Let’s leave it in the background, it won’t bother. Of course, we have to go back to 1986. Let’s do it and enjoy, that’s what life is about.

              George Benson ☆ Live at Montreux • 1986 [Full Concert]

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