Dragon Ball Makafushigi Adventure with sheet music

Dragon Ball Makafushigi Adventure (Piano Solo with sheet music)

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Makafusigi Aventure! (摩訶不思議アドベンチャー!, Makafushigi Adobenchā! is the topic of the series of Dragon Ball. It is composed by Takeshi ike, written by yurrika mori, with arrangements by this tanaka and interpreted by Hiroki Takahashi.

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The song was written by Yuriko Mori, the music was composed by Takeshi Ike with the arrangement from Kōhei Tanaka, and it is performed by Hiroki Takahashi (Columbia Records). The song was redone in English by Jimi Tunnell and produced by Carl Finch for Funimation. There was another English version of the song done for the Harmony Gold dub in the late 1980s, which can be considered to be the first English version of the song.

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Unlike Funimation, however, this version left the background music unedited. There was an English version of this song by Creative Productions Corporation, which was the first faithful English translation of the lyrics before Funimation, sang by the Filipino children band Age of Wonder. Hiroki Takahashi also recorded an English version, which was released as part of the 2008 album Inazuma Challenger.