Sing, Sing, Sing (Louis Prima) as performed by BENNY GOODMAN (Piano Solo arr. sheet music, Noten)

Sing, Sing, Sing (Louis Prima) as performed by BENNY GOODMAN (Piano Solo arr. sheet music, Noten)

sheet music Benny Goodman


(Pseudonym of Benjamin David; Chicago, 1909 – New York, 1986) American jazz clarinetist and bandleader, one of the undisputed swing figures of the 1930s and 1940s.

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He alternated the music of a large formation (his first large orchestra dates from 1934) with that of a small combo (his groups with Teddy Wilson, Gene Krupa and Lionel Hampton stand out ).

He introduced jazz to white America and was able to develop a personal and unmistakable style of swing. He was also a noted performer of classical music: Bela Bartok , Paul Hindemith , and Aaron Copland wrote pieces for him.

The figure of the American clarinetist Benny Goodman was an authentic revolution for the history of jazz, as he was the one who for the first time successfully combined the intrinsic black elements in this musical modality and the influences of the white race tradition. Early talented, at fourteen he was already a member of the American Federation of Musicians. After his first clarinet studies in his hometown, Benny Goodman began working with various groups and was part of Ben Pollack’s jazz band, with which he recorded his first album in 1926.

Three years later, Benny Goodman went to New York and, in 1934, organized his own orchestra, achieving extraordinary success with a weekly radio program, Let’s Dance . For ten years his orchestra was one of the most successful in his country; instrumentalists who would later be great figures of jazz formed part of it. A historic date was January 16, 1938, when he performed with his orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York at the 20 Years of Jazz concert , in which he was symbolically crowned “king of swing “.

Certainly, Goodman and his orchestra managed to popularize swing in the United States, one of the basic jazz rhythms, characterized by speed, multiple improvisations and a succession of solos. During the 1950s he conducted various orchestras, and in 1955 the soundtrack for his film biography, Benny The Goodman Story , was recorded. In 1962, he traveled with his orchestra to the Soviet Union and since then his performances BECAME more sporadic.

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