Mary Lou Williams – Chili Sauce (piano solo sheet music transcription)

Mary Lou Williams – Chili Sauce (piano solo sheet music transcription)

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Mary Lou Williams

Mary Lou Williams, american, born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 8, 1910, and died in Durhan, North Carolina, USA, may 28, 1981. It was a great pianist, arranger, and American composer who developed her work in multiple styles, from swing , passing through the bebop and so on until getting to the free jazz.

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Lady among the Ladies, in its written submission to the double CD that quote at the end of this article, the first thing that tells us is that she has not thought much about the fact of being a woman, what is important is to think about music. This way to overcome the problem, it is typical of many of the early pioneer women in fields traditionally masculine and misogynists; in fact, the tradition of art music, written-European the same thing happened with the composers throughout History.

He began her career as a pianist under the name of Mary Burleigh and with a group led by saxophonist John Williams, with whom he would be married at sixteen, adopting her surname as a stage name. Both will play in the Big band Andy Kirk in 1929 and later, as a solo, will remain almost twelve years with the group Twelve Clouds of Joy , as a pianist and arranger.

In this period, she worked as an arranger and composer for musicians such as Jimmy Lucenford, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman and Earl Hines. In 1942, to form a band with her second husband, the trumpeter Harold Baker, and work is being done for Duke Ellington.

At the end of the forties, Mary Lou Williams begins to sign her compositions and recordings with her real name, although still working as an arranger for other musicians.

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At this time he is interested in the bebop and begins to work with Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Tadd Dameron or Bud Powell. From that time he traveled to Europe where he stays away from the jazz scene for a period, returning in 1957, in the Festival of Newport, along with Gillespie, at the same time that he composed several religious works, among which the three masses.

In the 70s, she is close to the free jazz , playing in a duo with Cecil Taylor.

Williams was a brilliant pianist, with a creativity overflowing, and an ability to musical revolutionary, passing through all the styles of jazz of the time, including the most innovative and ground-breaking as it was free .

Her musical ability was overflowing, drinking always on the sources of the blues and leaving us, in addition to its own great compositions, arrangements of talent and technique of the first magnitude.

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