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Jerry Bergonzi

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The jazz community, both amateurs and professionals and specialized critics, consider Jerry Bergonzi one of the great saxophonists of recent decades. His instrumental style, heir to the paths pioneered by John Coltrane, comes to us full of a characteristic sound and a personal way of interpreting modern Jazz.

Jerry Bergonzi has known how to collect the heritage and shape it, creating his own language that makes him a great teacher, singular and identifiable.

A lover of Jazz since childhood, he discovered Lester Young at the age of eight, Jerry Bergonzi is a sax giant emerging from the Boston scene, a companion on stage and in the recording studios of masters such as Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, John Scofield and Michael Brecker .

Also recognized as one of the great pedagogues of modern music, Jerry Bergonzi is responsible for authoring the study methods used by students around the world, as well as a tireless disseminator of Jazz in universities and seminaries on the five continents.

His way of playing stands out for his enormous expressive capacity and unparalleled talent when it comes to creating sounds and atmospheres of great beauty and depth, surprising with his own compositions or reconstructing Jazz classics.

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Jerry Bergonzi Sextet Live Stream – January 18th, 2023


Jerry Bergonzi – Tenor, Compositions Phil Grenadier – Trumpet, Fluegelhorn Allan Chase – Saxophones Plamen Karadonev – Piano Matt Stavrakas – Bass Luther Gray – Drums

Filmed live by Joe Musacchia at Pete’s Basement Studio and engineered by Peter Kontrimas

Jerry Bergonzi’s bio

Jerry Bergonzi (born October 21, 1947) is an American jazz tenor saxophonist, composer, and educator.

Early life and education

Bergonzi received a B.A. in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 1971 and is the founder of Not Fat Records.


Jerry Bergonzi first gained recognition as he became a frequent guest-artist on several Dave Brubeck ensemble tours and recordings during the 1970s, and he held the saxophone chair in the Dave Brubeck quartet from 1979 to 1982. He recorded nine albums with Brubeck, from 1973 to 1981.

Bergonzi teaches at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

Jerry Bergonzi is the author of Inside Improvisation, a multi-volume series of instructional books with play-along CDs and videos, and another series of books about improvisation published by Advance Music. He is also the author of the book/CD set Sound Advice, published by Jamey Aebersold Jazz.

Jerry Bergonzi has recorded on the Blue Note, Red, Not Fat, Concord, Atlantic, Label Bleu, Enja, Columbia, Deux Z, Denon, Canyon, Cadence, Musidisc, Ram, Ninety One, Freelance and Savant recording labels. He has recorded extensively for Double-Time Records.

Jerry Bergonzi is also a professional level pianist and bass guitarist.

He plays a mouthpiece by Aaron Drake (Drake “Jerry Bergonzi” Signature Mouthpiece).

Jeff Ellwood compiled and engraved nearly 200 of Bergonzi’s original tunes.


As a leader As sideman

Con Brio (1983)
Featuring Bruce Gertz (1985)
Uranian Undertow (1986)
Caught in the Act (Not Fat, 1988)
On Red (1988)
Lineage (1989)
Inside Out (1989)
Etc Plus One (1991)
Standard Gonz (Blue Note, 1991)
Tilt (1991)
Peek a Boo (Evidence; Label Bleu 1993)
Vertical Reality (Musidisc, 1995)
Just Within (Double Time, 1997)
Together for the First Time (1998)
On Again (Ram, 1998)
Fast Company (Blue Jackel, 1998)
Lost in the Shuffle (Double-Time, 1998)
Wiggy (Double-Time, 2000)
A Different Look (Double-Time, 2001)
Live Gonz! (Double-Time, 2002)
Intuition (SteepleChase, 2004)
Live Gonz II (Double-Time, 2005)
Tenor of the Times (Savant, 2006)
Tenorist (Savant, 2007)
Tenor Talk (Savant, 2008)
Saxology (SteepleChase, 2009)
Simply Put (Savant, 2009)
Three Point Shot (Double Moon/Intuition, 2010)
Three for All (Savant, 2010)
Convergence (Savant, 2011)
4+1 with Jerry Bergonzi (Effendi, 2011)
Sonic Shapes (Stunt, 2011)
Shifting Gears (Savant, 2012)
Tetragonz (Stunt, 2013)
By Any Other Name
Sonora No. 2 Meet Jerry Bergonzi
Intersecting Lines (Savant, 2014)
Quintonic (Stunt, 2014)
Rigamaroll (Savant, 2015)
Spotlight on Standards (Savant, 2016)
Inner Journey
Dog Star (Savant, 2017)[5]
Seven Rays (Savant 2019)
Nearly Blue (Savant 2020)

With Dave Brubeck

1973 Two Generations of Brubeck
1974 Brother, the Great Spirit Made Us All
1979 Back Home
1980 Tritonis
1981 Paper Moon

With Joey Calderazzo

1991 In the Door
1991 To Know One

With Miles Donahue

1995 Good Listener
2003 Standards Vol. 1
2003 Standards Vol. 2
2006 In the Pocket

With Daniel Humair

1991 Edges
1993 Open Architecture

With Hal Galper

1993 Just Us
1995 Rebop
1999 Let's Call This That
2018 Cubist

With Bruce Gertz

1992 Third Eye
1995 Blueprint
1996 Discovery Zone
1998 Shut Wide Open
1999 Red Handed

With George Gruntz

1992 Blues 'n Dues Et Cetera
1996 Sins 'n Wins 'n Funs

With Bob Kaufman

2001 The Line Between
2003 Dreaming Out Loud

With Eartha Kitt

1991 Thinking Jazz
1995 Standards: Live

With Andy LaVerne

1994 Spirit of '76
2001 True Colors

With Nando Michelin

1996 Facing South
1997 Common Grounds
1999 Art
2000 Chants
2006 When Einstein Dreams

With Alex Riel

1994 Emergence
1998 Unriel
2000 Rielatin '
2002 The Riel Deal

With Dave Santoro

1999 Dave Santoro Standards
2000 Standards Band II
2001 The New Standard

With Brooke Sofferman

1999 Modesty's Odyssey
2002 The Green Between
2004 One Stone Two Birds
2007 Fine Whines

With Richard Sussman

1978 Free Fall
2003 Live at Sweet Rhythm
2012 Continuum

With others

1987 The Art of the Saxophone, Bennie Wallace
1993 Sunscreams, Mick Goodrick
1995 Grey Angel, Jacek Kochan
2000 Love Everlasting, Bob Moses
2000 On the Inside Looking In, Dan Wall
2000 Restoration Comedy, John D'earth
2001 Global Sound, Dalia Faitelson
2002 The Complete Miles Davis at Montreux 1973–1991, Miles Davis
2006 Sometime Ago, Joachim Kühn
2007 You Don't Know Me, Rebecca Parris
2008 Eastern Standard Time, Alan Baylock
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