Coldplay (sheet music in the #smlpdf)

Coldplay (sheet music in the #smlpdf)

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Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Live at River Plate)

Coldplay performing A Sky Full Of Stars live at River Plate stadium. The band have announced a special worldwide cinema presentation of their spectacular Music Of The Spheres World Tour concert, filmed during the sold out, ten night runs at Buenos Aires’ River Plate stadium in 2022.

Coldplay News

Coldplay has always been characterized by being an exemplary musical group: environmental donations, charitable social collaborations and details with their fans like the one two weeks ago, when they brought on stage a boy who had been the same for years concert day But this generosity was crushed by a lawsuit filed by Dave Holmes, who until the summer of 2021 was the group’s manager – for 22 years. This August, a year after the representative was fired, Holmes demanded $10 million (€11.5 million) from the group for unpaid commissions. Now the British musicians respond with a counterclaim of 16 million euros for extra costs, damages and prejudices caused by Holmes.

Across the board is a common name: Live Nation. The tour promotion and ticket management company has been in charge of managing Coldplay’s tours for years. Such was the complicity between the company and Holmes, that the multinational lent the manager almost 19 million euros in 2015 and more than 9 million more in 2018, both with a minuscule interest rate. The pop-rock group said in the appeal at London’s High Court that as far as they could tell “Mr. Holmes used the money obtained from the loan arrangements to finance a real estate development company in Vancouver, Canada, or surroundings”. They also claimed to have sufficient certainty to confirm that the manager’s business was able to be profitable thanks to Live Nation’s “€28.4 million in loans with an interest rate of 2.72% that he was only able to acquire with his position as Coldplay’s manager.”

The band wanted to defend themselves against the obvious extra-professional link that linked Live Nation with the manager when he owed 28.4 million euros to the multinational. That, according to the lawsuit filed, “could conflict with obligations to ensure the best possible conditions for Coldplay.” So Holmes may have a “personal interest in maintaining the best possible relationship with Live Nation to ensure that he would have enough leverage in the event that some type of loan forbearance should be applied.”

At the same time, band members Martin, Berryman, Bucklan and Champion also allege poor management by Holmes which, for practical purposes, led to millionaire cost overruns for Coldplay. For example, Holmes was one of the people in charge of managing the visual project known as the Jet Screen, but due to not taking the measurements and properly passing the guidelines to the manufacturers of the structure, it was impossible to use it. So, the four members considered that “if Mr. Holmes had exercised reasonable care and skill in fulfilling his obligations, the music group would not have incurred a total of 20.3 million euros in cost overruns “. For these and other similar events, Coldplay is asking for 14 million euros in damages.

As for Holmes’ lawsuit filed this August, he claims that his work as a manager helped arrange the recording and demo sessions for the group’s 10th and 11th albums and that he is therefore owed a corresponding commission. The representative’s lawyer explained to Variety magazine that “Holmes successfully worked with Coldplay for over 22 years and made them one of the most successful bands in history. Now Coldplay is refusing to pay him the what is owed to him”. By now the pop-rock band would have collected 35 million pounds (40.5 million euros) for album number ten and a further 34.7 million euros for the eleventh. But despite receiving the first advance for both albums, Holmes has not received the corresponding commission.

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