Aziza Mustafa Zadeh – Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (1991)

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh – Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (1991)

Prepare to be enchanted by the extraordinary talent of Aziza Mustafa Zadeh on her self-titled debut album, “Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.” Released in 1991 by Columbia Records, this remarkable collection of fifteen tracks showcases Zadeh’s unique blend of jazz and world music. Zadeh’s virtuosic piano skills take center stage as she effortlessly weaves intricate melodies and harmonies throughout the album.

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From the delicate and introspective “Quiet Alone” to the evocative and soul-stirring “Cemetery,” each composition reveals Zadeh’s mastery of the instrument and her ability to transport listeners to new musical landscapes. In addition to her exceptional piano playing, Zadeh also displays her expressive and hauntingly beautiful vocals on select tracks. Her voice adds an ethereal quality to the music, further enhancing the emotional depth and richness of the album. With all fifteen tracks composed by Zadeh herself, “Aziza Mustafa Zadeh” showcases her creative genius and distinctive musical vision.

The album effortlessly combines elements of jazz, classical, and traditional Azerbaijani music, resulting in a captivating and unique sound that defies categorization. Critics and listeners alike recognized the immense talent displayed on this debut offering. The AllMusic reviewer praised Zadeh’s virtuosity and noted that she already had something truly original to offer as a jazz artist. Jazz: The Rough Guide hailed the album as a beautiful and unaccompanied masterpiece, solidifying Zadeh’s position as a trailblazer in the world of keyboard instruments. Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of “Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.”

Let the mesmerizing piano melodies, the poignant vocals, and the intricate compositions take you on a captivating journey of musical exploration. From the introspective depths of “Inspiration” to the spellbinding and expansive “Oriental Fantasy,” each track showcases Zadeh’s immense talent and her ability to create a truly immersive sonic experience. Indulge in the beauty and brilliance of “Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.” Let the music transport you to a world where boundaries dissolve, and the language of music speaks directly to your soul. Experience the magic of Aziza Mustafa Zadeh’s self-titled debut album and discover a musical gem that continues to captivate and inspire.

Track List:

1 – Quiet Alone: 00:0003:38 2 – Tea On The Carpet: 03:3807:44 3 – Cemetery: 07:4414:35 4 – Inspiration: 14:3519:14 5 – Reflection: 19:1423:21 6 – Oriental Fantasy: 23:2134:36 7 – Blue Day: 34:3638:53 8 – Character: 38:5344:13 9 – Aziza’s Dream: 44:1349:03 10 – Chargah: 49:0354:14 11 – My Ballad: 54:1458:32 12 – I Cannot Sleep: 58:321:05:19 13 – Moment: 1:05:191:06:06 14 – Exprompt: 1:06:061:08:08 15 – Two Candles: 1:08:081:14:07

Aziza Mustafa

Aziza Mustafa was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1969. As child of two musicians, Aziza Mustafa grew up knowing and enjoying the music, specially the piano. She soon began displaying a gift for improvisation. When her father died on stage at the age of 39, it was a shocking blow to the young Aziza, and a major turning point in her life. When she was 17, she won the Thelonious Monk piano competition in Washington DC, playing some of Monk’s compositions but in her own mugam-influenced style.

Around the same time, she moved to Germany with her mother and concentrated on developing her own distinctive musical direction. In 1991, she released her debut album, entitled simply “Aziza Mustafa Zadeh”. It was immediatly clear that this was an artist with an unusial and remarkable voice, able to blend her ethnic roots with both classical and jazz inputs. So impressive were her talents that a prestigious squad of jazz musicians chose to join her in the studio for 1995’s Dance Of Fire.

Many less self-assured artist might have been overawed by a line up comprising guitarist Al Di Meola, bassman Stanley Clarke, former Weather Report, drummer Omar Hakim and saxophonist Bill Evans, but Aziza produced a new album unmistakably imbued with her particular musical inclinations.

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