Essential Film Themes 5

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Essential Film Themes Vol. 5

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10 years of the very best film themes.

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Now you can play the themes spanning the last decade to the present day. All the themes here are arranged for piano solo. Titles include ‘American Beauty’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Little Women’, ‘Shakespeare In Love’ and ‘The Piano’. Play a decade of essential film themes from 1990 to 2000. This is a great selection of unforgettable music from unforgettable films, from the witty romance of Shakespeare In Love, to the powerful arresting drama of American Beauty, all arranged for Solo Piano. Suitable for players of intermediate standard.


  • 2 Hillcrest (Little Children)
  • An Adoring Heart (Becoming Jane)
  • Auditor (Stranger Than Fiction)
  • City Of Lovers, The (Casino Royale)
  • Das Leben Der Anderen (Lives Of Others, The)
  • Devon (London To Brighton)
  • Doomsday Is Family Time (Simpsons Movie, The)
  • Edward (Good Shepherd, The)
  • Edward’s Secret (Good Shepherd, The)
  • End Credits (London To Brighton)
  • End Titles (Little Children)
  • First Impression (Becoming Jane)
  • Flours (Stranger Than Fiction)
  • Gesichter Der Liebe (Lives Of Others, The)
  • Going On Holiday (Run Fat Boy Run)
  • Graysmith’s Theme (Zodiac)
  • Im ‘Martha’ (Lives Of Others, The)
  • Lady Gresham (Becoming Jane)
  • Live Free Or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0)
  • Love Letters (Atonement)
  • Mirror (Jindabyne)
  • Painted Veil, The (Painted Veil, The)
  • Paolo E Bruno (Il Caimano/Le Caiman)
  • Pool Days (Little Children)
  • Promenade (Painted Veil, The)
  • Ritonare (This Is England)
  • River Waltz (Painted Veil, The)
  • Runaways (Becoming Jane)
  • Sally And Jack (Death Proof)
  • Selbourne Wood (Becoming Jane)
  • Silver Surfer Theme
  • Snow Cones (Blades Of Glory)
  • Stewart And Claire (Jindabyne)
  • Tangiers (Bourne Ultimatum, The)
  • The Humming Way (Jindabyne)
  • The Name’s Bond… James Bond (Casino Royale)
  • Theme (Letters From Iwo Jima)
  • Toschi’s Theme (Zodiac)
  • Vesper (Casino Royale)
  • Writer’s Block (Stranger Than Fiction)

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