Glenn Miller & Joe Garland – In The Mood (Guitar arr.TAB sheet music, Noten, partition, spartiti)

Glenn Miller & Joe Garland – In The Mood (Guitar arr.TAB sheet music, Noten, partition, spartiti)

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Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller was an American trombonist, composer, arranger, and big band leader born in 1904. He is known for leading one of the most popular swing bands during the 1930s and early 1940s.

Alton Glen Miller was born on March 1, 1904 in Clarinda, Iowa. Passionate about music and in contact with various instruments since he was little, Glenn began his trombone studies at the age of 12, participating in his school’s musical band. By the time he finished high school, he already knew that he wanted to be a professional musician.

After a brief time at university, he decided to dedicate himself completely to music and began working as a trombonist for different bands. At this time, he studied composition in New York with Joseph Schillinger and together with the teacher he composed an early sketch of Moonlight Serenade , which would later become his signature song.

In 1926, he joined drummer Ben Pollack’s band, which at the time had Benny Goodman as clarinetist. With him he collaborated on his first known composition, Room 1411 , which has a Dixieland style characteristic of the 1920s. At the end of this decade and the beginning of the next, Glenn worked independently as a trombonist in different bands. At this time, he was also a composer and arranger for the Dorsey Brothers.

After some failed attempts to form his own group, in 1938, he founded the band that would give him the recognition he expected. Thanks to radio and dance halls, Glenn Miller and His Orchestra quickly became one of the most popular bands of the era. Much of the success was due to his particular style, known as the Miller sound, which is characterized by using the clarinet and tenor sax for the melodic line and three saxes as complementary harmonic accompaniment. This sound made the orchestra easily recognizable to the public and thus increased its popularity.

Some of the band’s major hits were In the Mood , Tuxedo Junction , Pennsylvania 6-5000 , Chattanooga Choo Choo , and Moonlight Serenade , considered by many to be the musician’s best and most distinctive composition.

During World War II, Glenn joined the military and formed a band in the United States Air Force, with which he performed a series of concerts for troops in Europe. In 1944, he left for Paris to begin a tour, but his plane disappeared during the trip and he was never found.

Despite his short career, Glenn Miller remains one of the most iconic figures of the swing and big band era . It is impossible to make a selection of his best songs, so we leave a playlist from the album The Essential Glenn Miller , which includes his main classics.

The Essential Glenn Miller

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