Bortkiewicz: Piano Works

Bortkiewicz: Piano Works


Esquisses de crimée, Op. 8: 00:00:00 I. The Rocks of Uch-Kosh 00:06:33 II. Caprices of the Sea 00:09:47 III. Oriental Idyll 00:13:30 IV. Chaos Minuit, Op. 5: 00:15:56 I. Andante con moto 00:21:23 II. Allegro quasi presto Lyrica Nova, Op. 59: 00:27:08 I. Con moto affetuoso 00:30:34 II. Andantino 00:33:26 III. Andantino 00:36:12 IV. Con slancio Lamentation and Consolation, Op. 17: 00:37:32 I. Lamentation in C-Sharp Minor 00:40:52 II. Consolation in D-Flat Major 00:45:36 Etude No. 6 in G-Sharp Minor, Op. 15 00:49:19 Etude No. 10 in E Minor, Op. 15 00:50:49 Prelude No. 2 in B Minor, Op. 40 00:53:01 Prelude No. 4 in F-Sharp Major, Op. 40 00:55:14 Prelude No. 7 in E Major, Op. 40 00:56:17 Etude No. 3 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 29 00:57:54 Etude No. 6 in E-Flat Major, Op. 29 00:59:42 Consolation No. 8 in E-Flat Major, Op. 1

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