The Legend of Zelda (sheet music in the #smlpdf)

The Legend of Zelda (sheet music in the #smlpdf)

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Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Revali’s Theme
The Legend of Zelda – Great Fairy Fountain
The Legend Of Zelda Series For Easy Piano
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess – Midnas Theme
The Legend of Zelda
Zelda Ocarina Of Time Song Of Storms By Koji Kondo (Piano Solo)
Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Fairy Fountain
Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Flight Range
Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Mipha’s Theme
Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Revali’s Theme
Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Riding (day)
Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Rito Village
Zelda -The Legend Of Zelda (Main Theme) by Koji Kondo
Zelda Medley Piano Solo arr.

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Track List:

00:00 Twilight Princess – Courage 02:32 Twilight Princess – Prince Ralis is saved 06:39 Wind Waker – Grandmas Theme 11:06 Ocarina Of Time – Kakariko Village 14:10 Breath Of The Wild – Lurelin Village 19:00 Skyward Sword – Skyloft 23:24 Twilight Princess – Meet Illia 26:18 Ocarina Of Time – Zoras Domain 30:07 Wind Waker – Sage Laruto 32:02 Breath Of The Wild – Hateno Village (Day)

37:03 Skyward Sword – Fis Farewell 40:15 Twilight Princess – Departure 44:01 Ocarina Of Time – Title Theme 47:25 Breath Of The Wild – Gerudo Town (Night) 50:15 Wind Waker – Title Theme 55:38 Skyward Sword – Crimson Loftwing 58:09 Twilight Princess – Inside A House 1:00:37 Ocarina Of Time – Lon Lon Ranch 1:04:44 Breath Of The Wild – Tarrey Town (Normal) 1:06:21 Breath Of The Wild – Tarrey Town (Wedding) 1:09:35 Wind Waker – Outset Island 1:15:07 Skyward Sword – Romance 1:20:13 Twilight Princess – Ordon Village 1:24:31 Ocarina Of Time – Lost Woods 1:26:53 Breath Of The Wild – Rito Village (Day) 1:32:01 Skyward Sword – Bamboo Island 1:34:14 Wind Waker – Windfall Island 1:37:22 Ocarina Of Time – Gerudo Valley 1:41:24 Twilight Princess – Kakariko Is Saved 1:45:48 Breath Of The Wild – Miphas Theme

1:49:29 Skyward Sword – Island In The Sky 1:52:35 Wind Waker – Dragon Roost Island 1:56:50 Twilight Princess – Ordon Ranch 1:59:37 Ocarina Of Time – Kokiri Forest 2:02:10 Breath Of The Wild – Horse Stable 2:05:23 Wind Waker – The Great Sea 2:08:11 Skyward Sword – Knight Academy 2:10:31 Twilight Princess – Lake Hylia 2:14:06 Ocarina Of Time – Zeldas Lullaby 2:16:27 Breath Of The Wild – Zoras Domain (Day)

2:21:17 Wind Waker – Forest Haven 2:25:14 Skyward Sword – Isle Of Songs 2:29:28 Twilight Princess – Enter The Twillight Realm 2:31:31 Ocarina Of Time – Great Fairys Fountain 2:33:52 Breath Of The Wild – Korok Forest 2:37:55 Skyward Sword – Gate Of Time 2:40:55 Twilight Princess – Ilias Theme 2:43:11 Wind Waker – Beedles Shop 2:45:45 Skyward Sword – Message From The Goddess 2:48:09 Ocarina Of Time – Staff Roll

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The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game franchise created by the Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. It is primarily developed and published by Nintendo, although some portable installments and re-releases have been outsourced to Flagship, Vanpool, and Grezzo. The gameplay incorporates action-adventure and elements of action RPG games.

The series centers on the various incarnations of Link, a courageous young man of the elf-like Hylian race, and Princess Zelda, a magical princess within the bloodline of the goddess Hylia, as they fight to save the magical land of Hyrule from Ganon, an evil warlord turned demon king, who is the principal antagonist of the series. Ganon wishes to use the Triforce, a sacred relic left behind by the three goddesses that created Hyrule, to remake the world in his own dark image. When gathered together, the power of the Triforce can grant any wish its user desires; however, if someone with a heart that does not possess a balance of the three virtues of Power, Courage, and Wisdom attempts to touch the Triforce, it will split into three triangles and bond with three people whose hearts embody the required virtue.

Although their personalities and backstory differ from game to game, the incarnations of Link and Zelda often have many traits in common, such as Link often being left-handed and clad in green, and Zelda being associated with wisdom, light, and prophesy. While the conflict with Ganon serves as a backbone for the series, some games have featured other settings and antagonists, with Link traveling or being sent to these other lands in their time of need.

Since the original Legend of Zelda was released in 1986, the series has expanded to include 20 entries on all of Nintendo’s major game consoles, as well as a number of spin-offs. An American animated TV series based on the games aired in 1989 and individual manga adaptations commissioned by Nintendo have been produced in Japan since 1997. The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises; several of its entries are considered among the greatest video games of all time.