Bach meets The Beatles

Bach meets the Beatles – Variations in the style of Bach – “Imagine” (Aria)

Bach meets the Beatles – Variations in the style of Bach – “Imagine” (Aria) Improvised by John Bayless, piano

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Phenomenal piano playing in its own right, quite apart from anything else. Unlike many of the “Baroque Beatles” discs this one really works on many levels. There is the fun of spotting and identifying quotes from Bach; and if you listen “blind” (i.e. without looking to see which Beatles song is being used as the basis for a piece) it can be fun trying to place the song.

There are chorales, fugues, gigues among other forms and the whole disc is full of real invention. Whether you love Bach or the Beatles (or, or of course, both), you’ll enjoy this. Only one puzzle remains: why have I never previously heard of John Bayless? He is a true virtuoso.

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