Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing (backing track play along no lead guitar-vocals) sheet music, Noten

Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing (backing track play along no lead guitar-vocals) sheet music, Noten

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The power of Dire Straits music

Something curious happens with the legendary work of Dire Straits. On the one hand, it is a music deeply linked to its time in terms of sound, which causes its listening to reveal without any kind of artifice that we are facing a discography born between the last bars of the seventies and the complete book of the decade from the eighties.

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However, its vigor and sophistication, among other virtues present in practically all the works published by the band, keep alive the flame of the validity of some songs that seem permanently anchored in the here and now. Perhaps the secret resides in the hypnotic guitar of Mark Knopfler, in his poetic lyrics, in the virtuosic instrumental of each one of its members or in that set of melodies that decisively navigate the oceans of pop and rock, visiting punctually the islands present in the maps of soul, blues, folk, progressive, country or jazz.

Or it may be that the key, as is the case on almost all occasions, is an unknown quantity of impossible resolution that should be approached exclusively as the ideal reason to rediscover the masterful repertoire of one of the most important musical formations of the last decades.

Taking a quick look at the six studio albums they released between 1978 and 1991, we find ourselves before an overwhelming number of classics that time hasn’t managed to bother one bit. Huge songs that are presented and developed with the fluidity of miracles, the impetus of stampedes, the verses of nocturnal romanticism and that unmistakable melodic hook that makes the unattainable seem easy to touch.

There are, among many others, pieces as essential as ‘Romeo and Juliet’, a weakness, ‘Walk of life’, ‘Brothers in arms’, ‘Private investigations’, ‘Money for nothing’ or the inexhaustible ‘Sultans of swing’ .

Themes that have marked the soundtrack of several generations and that continue to add fervent admirers thanks, among other things, to proposals such as Brothers in band. Made up of almost a dozen musicians, this Galician group has become, over the years and the echoes of its famous concerts, an unmissable event for those who keep Dire Straits in a reserved space in their memory. With a staging beyond remarkable and an anthological repertoire, Brothers in Band present a tribute as sincere as it is energetic to one of the bands of our lives.

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