Mozart Grieg: Piano Sonata no 16, K. 545 arr. for 2 pianos (sheet music, Noten)

Mozart Grieg Piano Sonata no 16, K. 545 arr. for two pianos with sheet music, Noten

mozart grieg sheet music pdf noten

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On 27 May 1877 Edvard Grieg wrote to his publisher: “During the winter I have been engaged on a task that I found particularly interesting – adding a free, second piano to several of Mozart’s sonatas.

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The work was intended in the first instance for teaching purposes, but by chance found its way into the concert hall, where the whole thing sounded surprisingly good.” Grieg himself went some way towards preempting potential protests by insisting that his arrangements were intended for teaching.

Such a line of argument obliges to examine the customs of the time – an age in which the gramophone was barely a glint in its investor’s eye and there was no opportunity to hear and follow interpretations at second hand.

As a result, it was common practice around 1880 for piano teachers to accompany their pupils on a second piano, either to ensure the correct tempo or, perhaps, to make the soloist’s solitary existence somewhat less intolerable…

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