La Vie En Rose – Transcribed For Ukulele or Guitar sheet music

La Vie En Rose – Transcribed For Ukulele or Guitar sheet music

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Ukulele or Ukelele, What is the correct term?

Let’s see, you’ve read often on different sites that refer to ukuleles, but in others speak of ukuleles, and it makes you feel confused what you’re saying right? What are the ukulele and ukulele two different instruments? Are frequently asked questions related to the use of these two terms.

It is normal to feel curious about the origin of the word ukulele , that is why in this article we will clarify the doubts related to the name of the instrument that brings us to love.

What Ukulele or Ukelele?

If the existence of the terms ukulele and ukulele you are confused, you need to seem intriguing to know that there is this third word ‘ukulele, as well, with apostrophe included. But no, none of these words refers to a different instrument. All refer to the small guitar four strings that brings us all happy.

The original word in the hawaiian language is ‘ukulele, this time has been modified and used in different ways in different parts of the world, thus giving origin to the terms ukulele and ukulele, which, although they mean the same thing, they are used in different regions.

The origin of the term is not very clear but the most popular theory is based on the fact that it is a word made of two different terms: ‘uku and lele. The word ‘uku in hawaiian means “flea” while the word lele in that language means “jump”, so the literal translation would be “flea bouncing” which could refer to the rapid movement that make the fingers to play the instrument.

On the other hand, there are those who claim that the name “flea bubbling up” would have taken from the nickname of a british officer Edward Purvis, who in the NINETEENTH century lived in Hawaii and played this little instrument with a very rapid motion.

A third theory, promoted by the last monarch of hawaii, queen Lili’oukalani, is that the term was born from the combination of uku (without apostrophe) which means “gift” that when combined with lele (pogo) would result in “the gift that came to us”, a reference to the true origin of the instrument.

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Origin of the Ukulele

The origin of the ukulele can be traced back to the 1870s, a decade in which there was a migration to Hawaii workers from Portugal, these migrants brought with them a four-stringed instrument of the gut called Cavaquinho or Machete, which had evolved from the classical guitar, but with proportions substantially smaller and more high-pitched sounds.

This Cavaquinho began to be marketed by the Portuguese residing in the island, which after some time they began to modify the instrument to make it more accessible to the natives. So, it gave origin to a version of the cavaquinho, which retained its dimensions, but had a pitch. In the instrument Portuguese, the pitch was Re If Sun Re, while in the new version went on to become thin in the Sun, Do, My, The, this last was the one that ended up adopting the name of ‘ukulele.

In what parts of the world say Ukulele?

The word Ukulele has been adopted mostly by the anglo-saxon world, it is used primarily in Hawaii, on the coasts of Canada and the united States, as well as in the Philippines and Australia. Similarly, other countries have adopted the term, such as Germany, Mexico, Finland, Indonesia and Singapore.

What is it due to the recent popularity of the ukulele?

We suddenly started to see ukuleles on all sides, from children to adults, from beginner to professional musicians, all of them seem to be interested in surrender to the fever of the ukulele , but why the sudden surge in popularity of the ukulele? Since it seems to be related to the fact that multiple pop artists have shown interest for this instrument.

Famous as Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Jason Mraz and many more have returned the ukulele to the scenarios. This has sparked interest in the younger audience, who, to prove it can’t stop touching it. But the truth is that there are many more reasons that have made the ukulele is so popular, among which are that it is a tool that is extremely easy to play, in fact the ukulele is recommended as the first instrument to teach the children .

Another reason to fall in love with the ukulele is an instrument relatively cheap, and its size makes it an excellent ally to carry almost everywhere. Not weighs, do not occupy much space and do not need too many accessories. All of a wonder!

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