Status Quo Rock All Over The World Piano Vocal sheet music

Status Quo Rock All Over The World Piano Vocal sheet music

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Status Quo

Status Quo is a British rock band founded in London in 1962, by vocalist and guitarist Francis Rossi and bassist Alan Lancaster.

In the second half of 1967 Rick Parfitt joined the band as rhythm guitarist and occasional singer and after some changes in their line-up and after appearing under different names, the band made their recording debut as Status Quo on 1968 with the single Pictures of Matchstick Men.

During the first productions, the sound was more linked to rock, beat and psychedelic rock, but from the 1970s they changed the style towards hard rock, but mostly boogie rock.

In 1981 drummer John Coghlan resigned from the band and this fact put an end to the classic line-up called by the press as The Frantic Four.

During the second half of the eighties and after the arrival of John Edwards and Jeff Rich, replacing Lancaster and Pete Kircher respectively, the band adopted elements of pop rock on their records ‘Ain’t Complaining’ (1988) and ‘Perfect Remedy’ (1989), which meant they were criticized both by the English press and by their fans.

Since the 1990s they have released a dozen albums with their signature sound as well as some cover productions for other artists, but Rick Parfitt’s health problems caused some of the concerts to be canceled in recent years .

On the other hand, throughout their career they have received several awards and decorations such as the Silver Clef Award (1981), Brit Awards (1991), World Music Award (1991) and UK Festival Award (2005), among others .

Even the English organization PRS for Music chose them as the most successful British band for two consecutive years, in 2008 and 2009 and the band with the most appearances on the program Top of the Pops , with 106 presentations since 1968.

Furthermore, by 2006 it was estimated that they had played more than 7000 live concerts and had 67 singles and 40 albums in the UK chart, for five consecutive decades.

Status Quo is considered one of the most successful bands in the United Kingdom, whose sales fluctuate between 118 and 120 million copies sold worldwide.

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