Dario Marianelli – Dawn from Pride and Prejudice (piano film score)

Dario Marianelli – Dawn from Pride and Prejudice (piano film score sheet music)

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Elegant and evocative is the music that Dario Marianelli knew how to compose to accompany Pride and Prejudice (Joe Wright, 2005), music that, in addition to being the first commissioned after the success achieved with The Secret of the Brothers Grimm (Terry Gilliam, 2005) , opened the doors for him to be the composer in films as relevant as V for Vendetta (James McTeigue, 2006) or Ágora (Alejandro Amenábar, 2009), in addition to continuing to accompany Joe Wright in Atonement (2007) and The Soloist (2009).

In fact, the music of the film that now concerns us led to an Oscar nomination for Dario Marianelli, a fact that further helped launch his meteoric career.

Joe Wright’s vision to bring Jane Austen’s famous novel back to the screen (initially heavily criticized by a section of the English population who believed that the BBC miniseries, with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, was second to none – and surely it is) contains a freshness unbecoming of a period film and, nevertheless, maintains a surprising balance -the director’s greatest success-between respect for the classic and the jovial improvisation of some actors who knew how to connect with the younger audience (it was a box office hit).

Thus, although it is clear that in an hour and a half not all the plots that Austen develops in her novel could be dealt with, it is true that she deals exquisitely with the relationship between Bennet and Darcy, reaching the viewer with a story as old as it is current: the love between people of different social classes (in fact, the story is autobiographical, it was presented in the modest film Becoming Jane , Julian Jarrold, 2007).

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Marianelli’s fully instrumental music preserves the classical tone necessary for the period film, vaguely reminiscent of the music of classical romanticism (which marked the impasse between classicism and romanticism and took place precisely at the time that Jane Austen wrote and published her book, 1813) but nonetheless includes folk , such as the excellent ‘Meryton Townhall’ , which takes us back to the popular music of the town (moving us away from what the stuffy Darcy may be used to hearing in his social environment)

or more classic dance songs, such as the central dance between the two protagonists, the high point of the film, which is a version of ‘Abdelazar’ , composed by Henry Purcell in the 17th century, and whose title also pays homage to the original author : ‘A postcard to Henry Purcel“.

But the most remarkable thing is that the music revolves around pieces on the piano, performed by Jean-Yves Rhibaudet, which are the nerve center of the entire composition. And this is not by chance: Marianelli, before shutting himself in to compose the music for the film based on the images shot, had to previously deliver the scores that both the characters of Elisabeth and Georgiana played on the piano in their scenes.

It was then that Marianelli decided that for Elisabeth, playing the piano was sometimes the best way to express herself, to show her true feelings. Thus, he decided that the simplicity of the notes plucked from a piano had to be the key to the entire musical development of the film, turning the piece ‘Dawn’ into the main one for several fragments that will accompany the adventures and misadventures of our protagonist and her stiff but good-natured beloved, Mr. Darcy (one of the best written characters in literature and played brilliantly here by a Matthew McFayden in what has surely been the best role of his entire career on the big screen).

An essential original soundtrack for lovers, both of good music and of remembering the beautiful passages of a film when listening to its main melody.

Pride and Prejudice (Pride & Prejudice) , 2005

1 Dawn

2 Stars and Butterflies

3 The Living Sculptures of Pemberley

4 Meryton Townhall

5 The Militia Marches In

6 Georgiana

7 Arrival To Netherfield

8 A Postcard to Henry Purcell

9 Liz on Top of the World
10 Leaving Netherfield

11 Another Dance

12 The Secret Life of Daydreams

13 Darcy’s Letter

14 Can’t Slow Down

15 Your Hands Are Cold

16 Mrs Darcy

17 End Credits (Pride & Prejudice)

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