Prokofiev on films (1891-1953)

Prokofiev on films

Rare films of the composer taken in 1927, 1943, 1946 and 1948, as well as musical extracts from the following Prokofiev works: Sonata no.4 Op.29 extract (1927 silent film, audio of Sviatoslav Richter) Concerto no.3 Op.26 extract (1932 recording, audio only) Waltz from Op.110 no.1 extract (1946 sound recording) Symphony no.7 Op.131 (1st movement, conducted by Rozhdestvensky, 1969) Waltz Suite Op.110 no.1 (extract, conducted by Theodore Kuchar, 1995) as well as a recorded film interview (1946)

CORRECTION: please note that at 7:32 the caption should read: “Natalie & Nicolas Nabokov, with Lina & Sergei Prokofiev, June, 1930” (i.e. not Vladimir Nabokov, Nicolas’ cousin).

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