Ramsey Lewis (1935-2022), jazz pianist

Ramsey Lewis (1935-2022), jazz pianist

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Ramsey Lewis (short bio)

Ramsey Lewis (Chicago, May 27, 1935-Chicago, September 12, 2022) was a pianist stylistically influenced by Bud Powell and John Lewis. He began studying music at the age of six, furthering his studies at the Chicago Music College and at the famous Paul University. In 1956, he formed his own trio – a formula that will always be his favorite – with which he played in the clubs of his hometown recording with drummer, Max Roach and trumpeter, Clark Terry.

In 1964, thanks mainly to the success of the recording of the song: ‘Something You Got’, named after Ramsey Lewis, he acquired considerable popularity and recognition in the jazz world. It was, however, the following year when his career gained the necessary momentum when he recorded: ‘In the Crowd’, a resounding public and sales success. However, as usually happens on certain occasions, once popular and commercial success was achieved, the following years were, from a jazz point of view, a clear setback given the commercial bias of his professional career. Since then, his career has lost interest in the world of jazz.

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