Nardis – Miles Davis With Bill Evans (sheet music)

Nardis – Miles Davis With Bill Evans (SHEET MUSIC)

Miles Davis Sheet music

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Miles Davis

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Miles Davis, grew up in a wealthy white neighborhood of East St. Louis, a city that had taken their parents from Alton in Illinois, where he was born in 1926. Their first fans were also white musicians, primarily, Harry James and Bobby Hackett.

Seriously interested in music, took lessons from Elwood Buchanan, a trumpeter for the occasional orchestra Andy Kirk, when even was not yet thirteen years. This musician has received its first council that led to the letter throughout his life “ without vibrato, since you’ll tremble when you are old”. That was the embryo of that style and smooth lyrical, seemingly cold but exciting to almost cry.

With 16 years old, he had the opportunity to go on tour with the orchestra of Tiny Bradshaw but the refusal of the father prevented him from doing so. In 1944, he first heard Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie in the orchestra of the singer Billy Eckstine. Became friends with him, and “Bird” advised him to relocate to New York. Once in the city, miles was a direct witness of the bloody battle stylistic between the old jazz – swing – and the new – the bebop-.

After several performances to one side and the other on 52nd Street with the creators of the new sound, he was able to give a crucial step in his career.

In 1949, Thousands germinated his first work, capital in the history of jazz. Together with the composer Gil Evans and musicians from the likes of Gerry Mulligan and Lee Konitz, among others, she recorded “Birth Of The Cool”, a work that gave way to celebrate “Nonet Capitol” a democratic enterprise that distributed responsibilities between soloist, composer and arranger.

At the time he suffered his first arrest for drug use, and in 1951 he signed a contract with the label “Prestige” for which he recorded years after four formidable albums that are among the best in their discography.

Gone were the stormy recording session with Thelonious Monk and his participation in the famous quintet of John Coltrane. Precisely, the collaboration of Thousands with Coltrane convinced the heads of the Columbia for Thousands to sign with them.

In the coffers of Columbia, are some of the best recordings of Thousands, among them the obligatory, “Kind Of Blue” recorded in 1959, the live recording on the “Plugged Nickel”, 1965, a thousand times referred to as the first album of jazz-rock, from the story titled: “Bitches Brew,” or the album that opened the stage power of Thousands titled “In a Silent Way” of 1969.

At that time, around him ran the events and in the sixties psychedelia, and rock called with force to the youth then, and Thousands would not get off the bus.

His albums began to take a bias in the increasingly noisy, and in their bands predominated, each time more and more electric basses and guitars amplified and while that helped him to increase his popularity among the new generations, their creativity decreased markedly. Shortly after a concert in Madrid in 1990 he showed the first symptoms of a disease that led to death. He died in Santa Monica on September 28, 1991.

Nobody like Miles Davis has done to match the ages and artistic of his stylistic development to the different stages of jazz. His youth was beat to the bebop, the hot sound of hard bop, then soothed by the breeze of the cool seized him during his adolescence, and the temptation for the electric jazz in his later phase he held until the end of his days. Thousands took with him the secret of its music and its vitality.

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